Club Activities

The Finger Lakes Yacht Club is a dynamic club that engages in a large number of activities every summer. The activities fall into the following categories:

  • Cruising Events - On-the-water activities ranging from a raft-up to multi-day trips to destinations elsewhere on Seneca Lake (or beyond).
  • Racing Events - The FLYC has an active subset of members engaged in racing throughout the summer. Unlike the cutthroat atmosphere found in larger clubs, FLYC members savor the sport and provide a great atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support. The racing fleet also interfaces with other clubs, allowing our members to travel to other clubs for even more friendly competition.
  • Social Events - Another diverse set of activities ranging from Saturday morning Kaffe Klatches to multi-course meals where our members enjoy each others' company in both informal and semi-formal environments.
  • Community Events - The FLYC enjoys close relationships with other community groups including the Seneca Sail & Power Squadron where FLYC members can take advantage of the many educational offerings by the USPS.