Cruising Activities

In recent years, there have been two cruising events organized by the FLYC to promote cruising and helping some of our less-experienced members take that step to sailing beyond sight of their home port while in the company of friends and experienced mentors.

The Commodore's CupĀ Event

In late July or early August, the Commodore organizes his/her annual "destination event" that involves both competitive and non-competitive sailing. While the more competitive among the club will engage in a long-distance race thatĀ ends at the destination site, those who prefer to meander at a more leisurely pace can cruise up to the site designated by the Commodore where there will be a club dinner and social event that evening. Past locations have included Lodi Point Marine Park and Smith Park. Both sites provide anchorages where cruisers and racers alike can spend the night following the festivities before heading home the following morning.

The Seneca Transit

Each year in September, a contingent of FLYC boats leave Watkins Glen for the north end of Seneca Lake. Some go to compete in the annual Seneca Yacht Club Barge Race and others simply go to explore and enjoy Geneva, NY and other attractions found along the way there. For new cruisers, the trip marks a milestone in making their first complete transit of the length of Seneca Lake (~30 nm). The north end of the lake provides three potential marinas for transient dockage in addition to space with our friends at the Seneca Yacht Club. The shallow waters also provide multiple options for secure anchoring in most weather conditions.