About FLYC Racing

It's difficult to describe the racing program at the FLYC because it is so different that what is found at many yacht clubs. If you are looking for a high-pressure, high-stress, intimidating race environment, then you will be disappointed with the FLYC. We like our racing to be fun.

But don't let the laid-back nature of our race crews fool you. The competition is stiff and many of our skippers boast decades of racing experience. (In fact, many are from the high-pressure, high-stress, intimidating race circuits at other clubs!) Bragging rights at the FLYC are most certainly earned, not given.

The FLYC race program is for sailors of all levels. Our racing fleet has been complimented repeatedly for the high degree of sportsmanship, civility and good cheer that is exhibited on and off the race course. Beginners need not be intimidated, as our more experienced skippers gladly share their experience to help everyone sail to their potential.

While it is nice to just win races, it's a lot more fun to earn those wins in close competition.

Interested? Come and join us for a race. (see our Race Schedule)

Summer Race Series

The FLYC Summer Race Series is a sequence of 8 races held throughout the summer. Competitors are scored based on their best 6 of 8 finishes using a slightly modified PHRF handicapping and scoring system. Prizes for the top finishers are awarded at the FLYC Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet in the fall.

Commodore's Cup

This race is an annual tradition and is generally a point-to-point race (as opposed to around-the-buoys) that involves a longer distance. The course and destination are chosen by the Commodore and a club picnic/beach party is held at the race destination. Special rules apply to this race to encourage participation of cruisers and infrequent racers. This race is scored on a stand-alone basis and has its own prizes and awards that are given out at the Commodore's Cup Social Event following the race.

Grape Harvest Race

This is a fall race (late September or early October) and has been traditionally run in a reverse-handicap (i.e., staggered start) format. Conditions are usually a bit more boisterous in the fall and can create an exciting race with really close finishes. This race is scored independently and does not count toward season totals.

Surprise Race

This is just what it says: A surprise. Details are announced at the pre-race Skippers' Meeting. The purpose of this race is just to mix it up a little and to provide a break from the relatively routine Summer Series. This race is scored independently and does not count toward season totals.

Other Races

From time to time the club will organize other races for various purposes. The common factor is that the objective is to have fun and to enjoy the competition among our fellow sailors. Consult the yacht club event calendar for details of these other races.


Crewing Opportunities

Interested in seeing what sailboat racing is all about? Or are you a sailor who happens to be "between boats" right now? Don't let that stop you. Come down to the marina and announce your availability. There is always a skipper looking for an extra deck hand or two.

Simplified Race Rules

If you pick up a copy of US Sailing's Racing Rules of Sailing you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed. The rules are not simple and it takes quite a while to learn them all. Fortunately, they can be distilled down to just a few rules that will serve you in 95% of all racing situations.

FLYC Race Scoring Policies

This article describes the general policies employed by the FLYC in its racing program.